Ndume Urges Buhari to Sack Non Performing Ministers

Ndume Urges Buhari to Sack Non Performing Ministers, Special Advisers, Service Chiefs

By Sadiq Abubakar 


The Senator representing  Borno South Senatorial District at the National Assembly who is also the Chairman, Senate Committee on Army,  Senator Mohammed Ali  Ndume has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack non performing Ministers and Special Advisers as well as Service Chiefs, stressing that, “they have over stayed and become dormant without meeting  the good intention of Mr. President”.

“Their appointments is a clear issue in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I don’t want to go down into it but the President knows better and everything. He need to make a u turn this time around before the end of the first quarter of the Year as he promised in his new year speech to the nation that there will be a change “, Ndume said.

He also said the need for the President to  sack some  of his ancient members was informed by the issue of performance and anti corruption among others against some serving ministers  especially those that don’t visit their Constituencies or know their people or have never been  in touch with their villages tales of knowing the problems  of their people at the grassroots.

Ndume  who stated this in an interactive session with Journalists at his Maiduguri residence added that,”it is necessary and right time for us to  implement strictly our SEA formula and strategy to improve on the economy and poverty level of the Nigerian masses”.

“We have although agreed and arranged to pursue it but as an elder statesman who is honest, a number of his cabinet members are not doing enough to reposition the country to a better state  as enshrined in the Buhari’s Agenda. He should immediately reconstitute a his cabinet if he mean well for Nigerians in the 2021.

“However, I am very much impressed with the 2020 National budget performance  of Mr. President which is better than all the past Presidents of Nigeria including Jonathan whose performance was rated at 70%.

“But Buhari’s budget performance stood at 90% despite all the challenges. This feat has never been achieved in the history of Nigeria or by any government in power.

“Unfortunately, the impact of the implemented budget has not been felt at most places, especially in the north east due to poor representation from our topmost political appointees at the federal level”, Ndume said.

The Senator further commended  the efforts and sacrifices of the Nigerian  troops and other members of the Civilian Joint Task Force/Vigilantes towards ending the boko haram insurgency in the north east and country at large.

On the increasing insecurity and kidnapping which remained a major disturbing issue  across the country,  especially, the north east in particular, Ndume noted that unless the  Nigerian military are provided or given new arms and ammunition as well as sophisticated equipment  it will be difficult to end  Boko Haram and other criminality

“It  will be far from over and unrealistic despite promises made by Mr. President and the Service chiefs that the year 2021 will be free from attacks and other criminalities by March 2021 as promised by both the Preside t and Service Chiefs”,Ndume said.

The Senator  however explained that there was the need for the federal government to do the needful by providing new weapons, train and retrain the troops  and  replace the long over due deployed  troops at the theatre, if really there is the need and seriousness on the side of the government to end the insurgency.

The federal lawmaker also faulted the claims by the Amnesty International  that there is human rights abuses in the activities or operations of the Nigerian Army where innocent civilians  were killed or the military violated human rights in their operations.

“Amnesty International should desist from unsubstantiated claims, or sitting at the comfort of their offices and write rubbish against Nigerian Army.

” I should think, this is not the the best thing for  people to comment on killing innocent civilians or human rights  violations,. Even if people will comment, the best to speak on the matter are those journalists based in Maiduguri Borno state, not foreign journalists or outsiders who may have been sponsored to sneak into the town and ask few questions from unreliable and unpredictable sources .

“Then begin to publish anything they want and even to the extent of threatening the Nigerian Army that it will drag NA to International Industrial Court which is quite unfortunately and not the true narrative. Nigerian journalists should develop the habit of changing the narrative from the negative to the positive narrative in order to make our country better

“The Borno journalists are resilient Journalists who have been covering the entire Borno or the north east since the beginning of the Boko Haram crisis, not Foreign organizations like the Amnesty International”, Ndume said.

According to him, since 2019 to date when he was elected as Senator for the fourth time, he has consistently sought for the smooth implementation of his agenda which is ‘Water, Health and Opportunity’ (WHO).

The Senator disclosed further  that in each of the nine (9) Local Government Areas of  his constituency, the Borno South  Senatorial District, he had drilled more than 10  boreholes, in each of the 9 LGCs  apart from the  women and youths Empowerment programmes and sponsorship of over 1000 students from Borno  South extraction who are studying in various high institutions in the country.


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