New Political Movement in Nigeria

Dawn of New Political Movement in Nigeria


Osinbajo would have been a tougher candidate for Obi. Tinubu is a weak candidate. Being able to pay his way in a primary had nothing to do with a general election. He can’t get votes in the SS and SE. Osinbajo would have gotten votes in those regions, especially as an RCCG person. So Tinubu will effectively be looking up North, specifically the NW, for votes. This will make his chances very weak.

Obi will get good votes, even in the SW and the NC. The PVC revolution of the last few weeks should clear any doubt on that. Peter Obi is the only candidate with profile authenticity, non-monetary induced passion, massive voter enthusiasm and fanatical commitment.

So, overall, it is looking upward and mobile for Obi. The fact that Atiku and Tinubu supporters are doing everything they can to discourage and demoralise Obi supporters, even going as far as trying to stop them getting PVC, should tell you the whole story.

By the way, don’t fall for the myth that votes dont count. If it doesn’t count, they won’t pay people to vote at the polling units. Get your PVC, if you haven’t already, and ignore the noise. If we miss it in 2023, with either Atiku or Tinubu, it will be another eight years of hell!

Forget those who tell you about structure. 2023 is a referendum on the two irresponsible and incompetent parties; PDP and APC. They are the two heads of the same cobra, that have stung Nigerians massively. They are damaged brands. Only reason many still follow them is because no strong movement have come up to challenge them. But that has changed with Obi. It’s a whole new game now. 2023 is going to be about the person, not the party.

I have been offline because of some personal projects and will come on and off for a while but we will be fully on ground and committed to this project.

By the way, don’t let anyone tell you elections are not won on social media. It’s all a strategy to demoralise you. The truth is, Nigerian social media and the streets have finally converged. This is not 2013. The shoe maker and vulcanised are now on facebook and TikTok. Old and young are now online.

The data from the various networks show that the Internet and social media participation have exploded in the last few years. Go and see what Nigerians are doing on TikTok and Instagram. So don’t let anyone tell you that social media is different from the streets. It is not. Just keep pushing what you are pushing and pay no attention to them.

By Mebele Edwin Okugbo

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