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Future World was first published in hard copy on January 15, 2001. We are your authentic voice for development journalism. We give priority to human interest reports and stories that promote sustainable development.

Our Mission

“To practice simple development journalism”

How We Do It

By highlighting trends in global economy and politics; business and finance; sports and entertainment; technology and entrepreneurship; health and education; religion and society; family and lifestyle.

Our Professional Focus

We practice development journalism, not destructive journalism. We are the alternative voice to mainstream journalism. We report news, events and features from development perspective. We provide information that educates, entertains, brightens up, brings comfort, adds value, lifts burden, and assuages our readers.

Our Priority

By reporting on key issues as work ethics, institutional leadership, and individual responsibility, Future World examines how civility and citizenship promote democratic ethic, political stability and economic prosperity. Through news, features, analyses, interviews and profiles, we bring to you facts and informed comments on a wide a range of development issues.

Reportorial liberty

In writing news reports or feature articles for the magazine, we state the hard facts, but we also include personal comments, that interpret the situation. However, we do not tell our readers what to believe. That’s their choice.

Our Stand

We are committed to objective reportage of public issues. Therefore, we stand for justice, gender equity, freedom of conscience and association, free enterprise, democracy and rule of law.

Our Audience

Future World is published for three categories of audiences. We are particular about audience segmentation.

Our primary audience is people between ages 20-45. There people are educated, professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, general sports enthusiasts, want to find their way into public politics, care so much about marital relationships, children and parenting, and love entertainment. 60% of our contents are created to service this category of our audience.

Our secondary audience is those aged 46-65 years. These are particularly interested in politics and governance, business and investments, retirement and pensions, parenting grandchildren, and lifestyle sports like golf and squash. 30% of our content is created to attend to them.

Our tertiary audience is those from 65. These are senior citizens. We report on those issues that concern them including health, etc.

Our People

Our Editors, Reporters, Guest Writers and Columnists embody moderate, non-sensational, non-destructive, development journalists and public commentators.

Article Submissions

Future World welcomes unsolicited articles, commentaries and opinions that inform, educate, and entertain our readers and promote societal development.

Articles, commentaries, and opinions must be well researched and balanced and written in non-technical style. Authors are encouraged to submit relevant pictures that illustrate their materials.

Our Editors determine the acceptability of such materials for publication having made sure they align with House Style.

All articles, commentaries and opinion materials should be sent to email: articles@futureworld.com.ng

We are responsible to our readers, our advertisers, our staff, and to the society, in general.

Future World Magazine is published by  FLED International Leadership Institute,  member of the FLED GROUP.



All correspondence to:  The Editor


Plot MF57 Cadastral Zone, KMC Street

Off NNPC Filling Station

Karu Site, Abuja

Email: editor@futureworld.com.ng

Tel: +234-906 306 9744

+234 -708 015 7176

Email: info@futureworld.com.ng



Dr. Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe



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