No Military Invasion in Niger Republic


No Military Invasion in Niger Republic

Nigeria should not invade Niger Republic because of coup. Coup, though not acceptable in our world of democracy, is still an internal affair of a sovereign country.

The Federal Government of Nigeria and ECOWAS should continue to engage in high diplomatic discussions, working hard to persuade the new military government on ways to resolve this impbroglio.

Issuing an ultimatum to another government over it’s internal political situation is not part of democratic values. It’s political bullying, and not acceptable.

FLED International Leadership Institute believes that caution should be exercised to avoid throwing the entire Subregion into chaos in a bid to restore the outstead President to power. Let us not cut our nose to spite our face.

Niger Republic is too close a neighbor to Nigeria to get engage into war with her, over a matter that is purely internal.

AU, ECOWAS and UN should reconsider their decision over this matter. Much as the coup is condemnable, why military option in Niger and not in Mali, Guinea, Burkana Faso, and Sudan? Why consider invading Niger at this time?

Let reason superceded ego at this time. ECOWAs should not allow itself to be bamboozled by her foreign powers into taking action that will further destabilize the already fragile sub-region.

There is still room for negotiations. Let allow the Abdusalam Abubakar-led mediation team to do their work. Let them also be given time to do the diplomatic shuttles.

Military invasion should not be an immediate option in Niger. Let it be kept at back burner, for now.

©️Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe
FLED International Leadership Institute, Abuja.


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