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We often talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in relation with big businesses and corporate organizations. It’s time we begin to think outside the box. We now want to talk about Social Impact Responsibility (SIR). We want to expand the narrative of how individuals, organizations including religious organizations, and governments carry out projects that create impact in the social life of their communities. Social Impact is the practical social benefits that communities enjoy as a result of projects carried out in their area, either by individual philanthropists, organizations or governments. Assessment of Social Impact is assessment of how governments, businesses and individual services providers create benefit for people through the actions.

Social impact or benefit is measurable and demonstrable. Social Impact Responsibility seeks to get encourage governments, businesses and service providers to think deeply about demonstrable benefits of their businesses and services in the community. In other words, by assessing social impact we are directing the attention of governments, businesses and individual service providers to become more sensitive to the issues of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, sanitation, access to education and to other social challenges in communities.


Annual Social Impact Award (ASimA) is created to identify and recognize governments, businesses, individuals, and organizations that are adjudged to contribute to social development in any significant way, provided those efforts are within the Projects classified in this Award.


The award has two objectives.

(1) To recognize individuals, organizations, governments in Nigeria that are creating community impacts through social investments.

(2) To encourage the practice of Social Impact Responsibility (SIR) in Nigeria.

Projects that Qualify for Award

Projects that could qualify as Social Impact initiatives include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Road constructions/repairs/reconstruction in the immediate community
  2. Provision of Rural electricity by whatever means
  3. Construction of market stalls with conveniences in local communities
  4. Provision of Portable Water in Communities
  5. Operation of affordable educational services including adult literacy and academic scholarships to the less-privileged
  6. Provision of sustainable Medicare services for the poor
  7. Sustainable Care & Support Services for Widows, orphans & the elderly
  8. Vocational skills & Entrepreneurship training for Women & Youth with basic financial start-up support to beneficiaries.
  9. Organizing Extra-mural or Vacation classes for students
  10. Construction of Libraries in rural Communities and Donation of books to local libraries
  11. Other projects that impact on the social lives of the people.

Award Selection Process

A team of independent Judges reviews entries and makes the final selection.

Criteria for Selection of Awards

Projects, initiatives and activities that could be considered for ward must address any or all of the items listed above. In addition, the projects, initiatives and activities must fulfill the following criteria.

  1. There should be community/beneficiary participation
  2. There should be evidence of sustainability of the project, initiative or activity. One-off projects could be considered provided proof of community impact is provided.

Award Categories

The Award shall have different categories. These include

  1. Corporate Organizations – Businesses, Religious Organizations, etc
  2. Government Entities
  3. Individual philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs

Entry Application

There is no specific application for the award. There are two entry applications: Corporate/Government, and Individual.

Corporate/Government Entry

Corporate entities and Governments are encouraged to send entries for the Annual Social Impact Award. They could nominate themselves or be nominated by a third party. Those who have something to show are encouraged to send in a written description of the Social Impact of their projects or services provided initiative.  The entry should describe the project and include the following key issues:

  1. Nature of the project (s) – describe in not more than 200 words
  2. Location, date of execution, whether it is on-going, or one-off
  3. Number of beneficiaries by age and sex, if possible and applicable
  4. Testimony from beneficiaries, if possible.

Individual Entry

Individual philanthropists and social entrepreneurs are encouraged to nominate themselves or be nominated by a third party for the Annual Social Impact Award.

Supporting Documents for both entries

  • Pictures, Video clips (optional), not more than 15 minutes duration
  • References of people to contact to verify claim, preferably beneficiary community leaders with name (s), phone number(s), and email address.
  • Physical address of project site for possible onsite visit.
  • Any other document of attestation


Receipt of Entries commences on 1st April each year and closes on August 31st each year.  Entries received after the dates will not be considered for the year in review. Entries must be of projects or initiatives carried out in the previous year prior to the year of this entry. Entries must be sent via sealed envelopes to our office (wherever it may be) or emailed to: Winners will be contacted by October 31st.

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