Our Love Like the Ocean



You were like the ocean

Crashing down on me

And whisking me away

To where no one else could see.


You were like the ocean

You took me for a ride

And when, finally,I was stranded there

You waved and passed me by.


by Wilfred Ola




Q: From the poem; can we say that love fails?


A:  ”I will just say, love comes with it’s own baggage, I mean how do you say sugar is sweet without having a little taste of what’s bitter. It’s a win for some and it fails some.

It’s failures are accompanied with distrust, inability to trust and more future love failures.

But when love wins, it echoes with graceful sounds and when the sounds that matters are with you, the rest is all noise.”


Q:  Despite some heartbreaks, can love still give hope?


A:  ”I think love does give hope. In fact love gives hope.

Why do you love someone? It’s simply because you give them your heart and hope they never break it, sometimes you hope they are the one for you, you hope it lasts long and when they keep hurting you, you keep hoping it will get better. Between all these instances where hope is involved you will get to notice that your love gave birth to hope.

Without love why do you hope they or something lasts  longer?

Why hope it gets better if you don’t love ?”


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