Good bye, Nigeria!



It’s hard to say and to believe

This is the now reality

Never knew it will get to this

This is how it has become


Good bye Nigeria

The land of promise

Of diversity and potential

The land in prime skylines

Now smothered by invective


Good bye Nigeria of the 80s

Of the nineties when you could travel with ease

Now locked in night mares and day scare

Hopes dashed, dreams shattered

Rudderless in float

On open sea of endless horizon.


Good bye Nigeria!

Diversity lost, plurality wasted

Eclipsed by ethnic domination

Flattened by inglorious religious persuasions

Promoting political vindictiveness

Denying her reality, ignoring her own truths


Good bye Nigeria!


There was a country

That never bothered to became a nation

That kill her citizens with glee

That pamper them with untruth,

Deride them for crying out

Blame them for speaking out


There was a country!

I wish I could have my country back

But it’s taken away from me

And I can’t ask why

Because I shouldn’t talk

The powers won’t let me


I keep silent

And I mumble, and say

As I sleep and dream on,

“Good bye Nigeria”.


(C) Joseph C. Ibekwe


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