A Nation in Anomie

By Joseph C. Ibekwe


Discordant voices. Truth is mere perspective. Leaders in confusion. The people are stagnated & destroyed for lack of leadership. Never been this bad!

Weep for your nation, if you still have tears left.

Never knew I will see such a time as this: when public leaders can’t see, can’t decipher, can’t act for public good, but for sectional interests.

Killing is not sanctioned, depending on who is killing or being killed. Rapping is not bad. Kidnapping for ransom is not part of the discussion.

Some have the right to carry arms to protect themselves and their business; others cannot do the same, but should surrender themselves and their Businesses for destruction.

Justice is no longer a word, a concept or a thing of reckon within this clime.

No standard set of rules for public engagement.

Your ethnicity determines if your actions, good or bad, are condoned. Religion is a farce. A private thing for public deception.

Anyone from anywhere can settle anywhere, and live anyhow.

There are no laws. Nothing to violate. Nothing to observe. It’s a lawless ecosystem.

Rationality is thrown overboard. Emotions and sentiments hold sway. There is nothing again as “categorical imperative”. It’s a season of anomie. Human vices are protected, while human rights are violated.

You don’t own what you own. Others own you, and what you own!

But good will triumph over evil. It’s a matter of time.

Light will overcome darkness. It’s inevitable.

Time changes things. That’s the way it is.

The inflexible will be broken by reason of pressure. It must happen.

Truth may be buried, but it surely will resurrect.


Therefore, do not lose hope. The night is far spent. The darkness will soon be over. A new nation will emerge. Nations shall arise from the nation. People shall have their voices again.

It will happen, not because you want it, but because nature abhors oppression and injustice.

Nothing lasts forever.

Except God, Almighty!



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