Christian Political Awareness Campaign


FLED INSTITUTE launches Christian Political Awareness Campaign

…Begins Kingdom Politics & Governance Master Class


As part of its efforts to promote political education in Nigeria, FLED International Leadership has launched a new campaign tagged Christian Political Awareness Campaign – CPAC.


The campaign is targeted at Christians across the country to conscientize and mobilize them to participate in the nation’s political processes as responsible citizens. The Campaign which runs from  which runs from April 2021-April 2023, has two main components,  a public presentation in churches and groups, and a special training in political participation called Kingdom Politics & Governance Master Class

The masterclass is designed to bring clarity in the following key areas:

Why engage in politics

How to engage in politics

How to raise funds for politics

How to manage campaigns

How to develop & deploy political communication tools

How to develop strong vision for political leadership.

How to raise and manage a Praying Team for those in Politics


Christians interested in politics, are hereby invited to key into this campaign and to enrol in the master classes which runs from April 10 -December, 2021.


For details and registration, please click here






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