TLC- The Love Code

No shame
No fear
No bondage in love
In Love we come alive anew
Love that sets free
Love that goes on and on
Love has no beginning nor an end
Love just goes on and on
It’s from Love all human began
Little wonder Love appeals to all 
Struggling to connect and communicate to a stranger?
Just speak Love
Oh, just do Love I mean.
Love is a universal language
No person is alien to Love
Love is buried in the core of all
Love is the call back code of man
No matter how far gone a man or race is.
When Love calls, they must of a certainty answer.
Let’s do Love Guys
Let’s speak not in Dutche, French nor in English
But let’s speak Love.
Love, the strongest language ever
Love the most power force ever.
Love opens doors
Love breaks the hardest soul ever
Love will move mountains and shake the foundations of this world
Love ain’t a feeling, I know you feel it
Love is a Personality, that’s why you sense His presence.
Love is counting on You
Love is waiting to express Himself more through you
Love is who you are in your core
Love is who you are becoming
Love is who you will return to at the fullness of time.
Break the facade and let you out.
#love #God #universallanguage #letsspeakanddolove
© Abigail Oladipupo

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