By Abigail Oladipupo
I’m unafraid to take a leap into my dreams
I’m unafraid to venture out into those things that excites me, but yet seem too far-fetched for me.
I’m unafraid to deep my feet into the waters of the unknown
I’ve sat too long at comfort station
I’ve rocked too long at the rocking chair of wishes
For truly, if wishes were horses all men would ride
I’m uniquely me and not all men
So it’s time, time to bring my uniqueness to my world
I’m done with the what if’s,
It’s time for what if nots
It’s a two way outcome,
I win or I learn
For you see, to not get it right, which you might call failure
Is to learn how not to do something
So we learn and live on
For what’s living without really living
But passing time
Being caught up in the merely average trap
If we are living, then let’s really live
Though you might be in the mundane phase of life
Bring things to life, with purpose and clarity
Clear the clutters from your mind
And see the shining and brighter you, hidden away somewhere deep within you.
Yes, let that laugh out
Yes, take a deep gulp of breath
Yes, let yourself feel and live
It’s only one life, live it to the best and enrichment of your world.
You see there’s an author locked away in you
There’s a song, the world is waiting to hear
There are turn key ideas, locked up in you
The world is waiting
What if you never let them out?
And what if you do?
Just be unafraid 
Photo credit: themarysue.com

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