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No matter what you do and where you are, you need others to succeed. In the new global business world, you could fast-track your business by leveraging the knowledge and network of other people and businesses. These other people could be doing similar things as you. Creating a community of mutual growth and support could fast-track your prosperity. This is why we are delighted to welcome you to the Dive Business Community.

 We know you have something that other people need for their success. This is the supply you bring, which they need. They also have something you need for your success. This is the supply they, which you need.

In Dive Business Community, you bring your supply, and then you take the supply from others to build your business. The principle of mutual benefit is what powers the Dive Business Community.

What is DIVE Community?

DIVE Business Community is a convergence of enterprise owners. It is a networking platform for business support, product marketing, sales referrals, and business facilitation.

The Community is built on the premise of elevating and supporting the business interest of the community members in any possible legal means.

DIVE Business Community is an initiative of Future World Magazine in collaboration with the Fled International Leadership Institute and The Joseph Coaching International.


DIVE Business Community exists to help rave up business through implicit support mechanisms.  

The Goal

To experience business acceleration through community leverage, online and onsite.

This is achieved through providing knowledge-sharing, networking opportunities, collaborations, and business facilitation to members businesses.

 DIVE Community Categories include.

  1. Web designers; Social Media Marketers; Digital Content Creators
  2. Writers; Authors, Song Writers, Artists, and Art Marketers
  3. Fashion dealers & Beauticians
  4. Educators, Life skills trainers, Life Coaches                                             
  5. Food service providers
  6. Home and Office Decorators
  7. Real estate operators
  8. Tourism & Travels
  9. Professionals: Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers, Medical Personnel, Marketing Consultants, HR, Etc.

What is DIVE Experience?

The DIVE Experience is a public event during which new members are formally welcomed into The DIVE Community.  During DIVE EXPERIENCE, Members can share stories about their Before-state and After-state with prospective DIVE Members. 

How to Access Dive Community

To take a DIVE is to join The Community and you become a DIVEr! To join the DIVE Community is subscription-based. 

Benefits of DIVE Business Community

DIVE Members will have access to free resources to fast-track their businesses.

  • Access to the DIVE EXPERIENCE public events at 50% discount.
  • Opportunity to promote your services, products, and skills, during DIVE EXPERIENCE, at a 50% discount.
  • Enjoy featuring their businesses in Future World Magazine, Online, and hardcopy.
  • Opportunity to Purchase books and other material discount
  • Attend leadership Training courses at FLED Institute at a discount

 Annual Subscription fee

N20, 000 (US$50)

 Attributes of DIVE Community

The community comprises entrepreneurs and leaders who are:

  • Zealous about creating their economy by running profitable online or offline businesses.
  • Desirous of leaving LEGACIES by impacting people through their businesses.
  • We are excited about having fun and enjoying a good life.

 The 7-Point Portrait of a DIVEr!           

A DIVEr is a ….                                  

  • Problem-solver
  • Business-creator
  • Wealth -creator
  • People -helper
  • Life-enthusiast
  • Community-leader
  • Legacy-creator
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