♠There’s a song in my heart
It’s a song of victory
There’s a dance in my feet
There’s a tune in my heart
I know it.
♠My heart affirms it when the melodies float in my heart.
It’s like a radiating effervescent joy
Bubbling up from the brook of my heart.
Song never sang before by the lips of men
A dance of the spirit.
♠It’s the deep calling to the deep
It’s a knowing that something bigger than me is beckoning.
Eternity is pegged in the core of Man.
Something larger than each human beckons
To each one from time to time.
Only those who answer the call break the grip of mediocrity.
♠Arise to the call
Sing the song
And dance to the tune in your heart.
© Abigail Oladipupo

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