Rise up and Walk

What do we do when we fall?

We pick ourselves up and walk


What do we do when we stumble?

Yes, we look at what tripped us

Then we rise and walk.


What happens when we fail?

Yes, we should see, learn from it and then move on.


Never should we seat and build a castle around our falling

For then, we have failed eventually.


Yes, pick yourself up and walk again

Start by putting one foot in front of the other

But never seat back on your stumbling point.


Don’t make yourself a roadblock to others success.

But an inspiration, a ray of hope and guide to those behind.


If you don’t rise to your walk and cover the distance

How would you reach the pavilion just a mile away?


So walk

Yes, you may fall

But never get comfortable seating in the place of defeat

For there’s a victory, just around the corner!

© Abigail Oladipupo

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