Air peace Schedules for Travellers


Allen Onyema, CEO Air Peace

Airpeace Schedules for Eastern Christmas Travellers


The Chairman and CEO of Air Peace, Mr Allen Onyema, has issued a statement of scheduled flights for those traveling to the eastern parts of the country during the Christmas period.

He said “By God’s grace, we shall be deploying several of our planes to the South East during this period to help our people perform their annual trip back home. We are not unaware of the importance of our people coming home this period.

“Most community projects and developments are addressed and implemented during this period hence our resolve to flood the East with multiple flight frequencies. We can do it. We shall, as usual, deploy five flights from Lagos to Owerri from December 20 till the end of the year while Enugu shall, from the same period receive four flights daily from Lagos.

Asaba shall receive three flights daily from Lagos. We shall deploy two flights daily out of Lagos to Calabar and Uyo respectively. Port Harcourt shall receive three flights from Lagos.

We shall equally deploy three flights daily from Abuja – Owerri from the 21st of December till the end of the year. Same number of flights from Abuja to  Enugu while two shall be deployed from Abuja to Asaba.

We shall during the period deploy a bigger aircraft on the Calabar and Uyo routes respectively. We shall introduce Enugu-Kano-Enugu from the 22nd of December. Owerri-Kano-Owerri shall follow from the 23 of December”.


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