Prof. Attahiru Jega

Don’t waste your time waiting for Buhari — Jega advices Nigerians

Says the current government is unwilling to address issues begging for urgent attention.


A former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, alongside other prominent elder statesmen and activists, have said in a joint statement, that confidence in the country is at historical low as things continue to get out of control under the Buhari government.


Speaking under the auspices of the Nigeria Working Group on Peacebuilding and Governance (NWGPG), they said the country under Buhari, is heading towards the abyss due to the lack of political will and the inability of the country’s security architecture to manage its multiple challenges.


They said, “Indeed, the presidency has adopted the strategy of responding to demands for an urgent and holistic review of the basic structures and governance processes of our nation with demeaning statements.


This tendency to abuse those who legitimately ask those with the responsibility to listen to popular voices is alienating more Nigerians from the administration and playing into the hands of those who feed off desperation.


“The nation needs to adopt a sense of urgency in the way it deals with rapidly accumulating liabilities.


“Nigerians cannot wait for the convenience or pleasure of leaders in deciding what is essential.


“We must avoid the tendency to ignore our problems until they become a lot worse in terms of the capacities of leaders to deal with them.


“We call on younger Nigerians, in particular, to get involved in the search for a future without current levels of bitterness and dislocations,” they said.


They, therefore, recommended that Nigerians in their communities, associations, civil society groupings, women’s groups and youth groups should accelerate ongoing discussions to deepen the emerging consensus of how to build a national platform to address Nigeria’s political structure and process.


They said the coalition-building process was aimed at the convening of a Peoples’ National Conference.


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