By Maji Daniel McCoy


I am a sinner

as cold as the harmattan

she is the sun

she is the Queen of love.

I am a burden,

always uncertain

she interrupts

only believes in us.

all she ever really wanted,

One woman One man


I am a loser

I only confuse her

she is the same,

no matter where we go.

Traditions and events passed down

The route I chose is way too long

Oh! I wish it wasn’t so

Yes, I wish it wasn’t so


I know she’s been crying,

By the red in her eyes I can tell

Waiting for a sign that will never come

I couldn’t give what is required

Even if I tried.

I’ve been tried and I failed

She isn’t mine, mine took a walk

But all she’ll ever want,

None other demands

One woman One man.


ONE WOMAN ONE MAN is born out of the ills of a one sided love, a toxic relationship in which one loves the other, and the other does not. It buttresses the point of a woman in want of only one Man, but might never get it. This man who has had a bitter experience with love cannot no matter how much he tries, reciprocate the love that is being shown on him.

If only the rule ONE WOMAN ONE MAN is adhered to, perhaps our individual love stories would have known more light instead of the darkness.

© Maji Daniel McCoy

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