Rythm Of Life

By Abigail Oladipupo
The Plan is real and true
This I know deep down in my heart.
Though there might be doubt in my head
Down in my heart will I not allow doubt
I will go with You
Though see not all the details
Yet, I will go with You, Lord
For You are here before it was called Time
You called Time what it is
You know the terrain
Such a One as You is worth following
The days might not always seem bright and sunny
Yet in You I will wait and trust
For You are Light and will always Light-up my days
Even at the darkest moments
You shine strongest
I am going all the way with You, The Master Planer.
I lay down mine for Yours Lord
For You laid down Yours for me
All the way with You will I go
Take my hands
Take the lead
Your Plan is good and true
Teach me Lord
Teach me the curves and corners of life
That I might see life through the lens of Your counsel
Teach me Lord
To wait continually on You
Quiet my heart and mind with Your Love and Peace
When my mind seeks to understand it all
Your counsel will guide and redirect
Your Love is better than Life.
© Abigail Oladipupo
September 28, 2017

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