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Join the Ecosystem of Transformational leaders

✍🏻Have you wondered what is takes to be a great leader?
✍🏻Do you wonder why organizations require you to possess leadership skills, yet the schools you attended did not offer you a course on leadership?
✍🏻Have you lost a job opportunity or promotion because you were scored low on leadership competency?
✍🏻Have you desired to improve your leadership skills, but haven’t found a place to receive such training?
✍🏻Do you desire to join a group of professionals who are committed to improving their leadership competence on a continuing basis?
🎯If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then I have good news for you.
I want to introduce you to FLED International Leadership Institute!
Yes, FLED Institute is the place for you.
You see, there are two important investments you need to make for your long-term professional success
🔑You need to engage in continuing leadership development.
🔑You need to be part of a Multi-disciplinary Network of professionals.
The good news is that FLED INSTITUTE gives you access to these two life investment opportunities!
⚓Everyone knows good leaders are a gift to society. Good leaders create systems that work and improve lives of others. Good leaders are a blessing to any organization.
Of course, everyone suffers when leaders under-perform or they don’t lead well. That’s the reason forward-thinking organizations recruit and promote their staff, not only on the basis of technical competencies, but also based on leadership capacities.
Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find such mix of high technical and leadership competencies in one person.
🎓 What then does it take to become a good leader? How do we groom organizational and political leaders to deliver on effective leadership?
In normal situations, people enroll in school to be trained as lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, pilots, journalists, accountants, nurses, auditors, fire fighters, security personnel, and as professionals of various shades.
But who trains these professionals for public leadership?
Which educational institutions train professionals to function as transformational leaders? Maybe none you can think of!
Yet, individual professionals like you are expected to offer transformational leadership in your position of public responsibility. This is a case of high expectations, but little training!
✈️ The truth is that in today’s fast-moving, emotionally charged world, your professional competence is not enough to guarantee your professional growth.
In fact, without leadership training, you are a liability to the growth, profitability and sustenance of your organization.
😃 The good news is that you don’t have to bemoan your lack of requisite leadership skills or lack of opportunities to improve on your leadership skills.
FLED INSTITUTE is here to help you get over this challenge.
For more than 20 years, FLED Institute has provided training in leadership, networking opportunities and peer-learning experiences for transformational leaders.
🌃 We are delighted to invite you to Become a Member of the Institute!
Members of FLED Institute are a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural cream of professionals who are committed to Africa’s transformation, one community at a time.
We invite you to join this community of system thinkers and system builders.
FLED Institute is a Africa’s graduate leadership school
We look forward to receiving you!

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