The Power of ALUMNI


The Power of ALUMNI


What have you done for your Alma mater?


You hold a good job and you occupy important position in your organization. 


You’re doing well.!


Certainly, you graduated from a school – a secondary school, a university, a polytechnic or college of education. Certainly, your Alma mater helped shape what you are today!


But what have you done for your Alma mater? Has it occurred to you that you owe something to your Alma mater? Perhaps you wonder what it is you owe? Simple! 


There are so many gifts you can give your Alma mater. Among the most enduring is helping to build the life skills or leadership competencies of students in your Alma mater. How do you? 


You can or work in concert with your friends and former classmates to sponsor any of these:


  1. Leadership Training for the Prefects of your former secondary school.


  1. Leadership Training for the Students Union Executives of your Alma mater.


  1. Leadership Training for your former Faculty Executives.


You don’t go by yourself. You can send FLED to go on your behalf. We deliver the training in your name; the credit goes to you and those helped you raise for it. 


Since 1995, FLED has been at forefront of building leadership skills of students and mid-career professionals. 


We run a course titled Leadership Skills Enhancement Course – LESEC – for Student Leaders and College Prefects. 


Let FLED to go for you.


We urge you to do something for your Alma mater. Go back to your roots – make the connection that counts.


Send us to go for you! 


 To learn how to send us, please check here 



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