Make Public Leadership a Public Responsibility


Make Public Leadership a Public Responsibility

 _By Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe


Public Leadership is not a mere theoretical construct, reserved only for intellectual discourse and interrogation. Instead, it is about how the policies and actions of public leaders impact the people. 

In the journey into public leadership, every action or inaction of the leader becomes an object lesson that could be used for learning and process improvement. However, this is only possible if the leader understands the importance of review and reflection. Every action or inaction of a public leader comes with consequences. The ability to understand consequences, measure consequences, and mitigate consequences is what makes for a transformative public leader.

Many public servants lack the humble disposition required to admit the reality of the negative impact of their actions and inactions on the people. This further aggravates the already bad situation and pushes the people further into frustration and despair. In many cases, public leaders do not care to accept blame for the negative consequences of their actions, policies, and pronouncements. The reason is simple: the consequences do not touch them directly, because they are shielded from the stress and trouble of daily survival. That’s how many public leaders become inflexible, insensitive, and callous.

It should be understood that Public Leaders are not only those who hold political offices. It includes all civil servants and those who lead organizations, Groups, Associations, etc. Provided you’re in a position where you’re required to serve the interest of others, then you are in public leadership.

The impact of public leadership is a daily reality in people’s lives. That’s why we cannot ignore what public leaders do and how they come into public leadership positions. We must be concerned and ask questions about the performance of those in public leadership.

The journey into Public Service be streamlined, carefully organized, and moderated to ensure that only those who have been properly groomed, assume public leadership. This is one of the reasons Fled International Leadership Institute was established, to undertake the task of training and grooming.

Without proper and deliberate training and preparation of individuals for public leadership, society cannot enjoy sustainable development. This aligns with the principle of garbage in, and garbage out. What you sow is what you reap. We need to train more people and impart to them with requisite skills and values to function in public leadership.

This has to be a deliberate national undertaking if we expect our society to be better led. 

~ Dr. Joseph C. Ibekwe 

Leadership Consultant

@ Fled Institute, Abuja

Tel: +234-8033261363



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