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Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraints. They live any how and end up anywhere.

But where there is vision, the people live purposefully and achieve more.

For us at FLED, February is our Vision Month. The idea to start FLED was received in the month of February 1995.

This is 27 years of vision pursuit.


And Leadership, to us, means * vision and *Responsibility.*

Vision, to us, means a perception of better future.

Responsibility means doing whatever you need to do to attain that better future without giving excuses.

Leadership is the greatest need in every home, every community, every Church, every organization, every nation. Without wise leadership, nothing works.

We have seen a better future. Nigeria can be better with visionary leadership. We have taken responsibility to do what can to make birth new generation of leaders. It’s a difficult , almost thankless task. We have attained yet, but we are on track.

We have attained some milestones, but there are still grounds to clear and cover. We want to ask you to join us, to support us, to pray for us, to just find a way to be part of realizing this vision.

In the pursuit of vision, two key things are required: people and money. Thankfully, we’ve got some people whose hands have been on the plough to get this job done. We celebrate them.

We now need money to empower our people to do more. We know everyone cannot join us physically, but some others can join us with us with their money.

May be you’re one of those that would like to support with your money.
We want you to consider supporting FLED.

Beginning this month, February to October, 2022, we launch a special Giving Campaign: *Make a Gift to FLED* ”

This is a 9-month window to allow you sow into FLED. We have a target to raise the sum of *$270,000* for projects in our hand, presently.

You can give any amount. You give as often. You can anytime between February to October this year.

On November 12, 2022, we shall unveil those that responded to our *Make a Gift to FLED campaign* . We shall honour and appreciate them. It shall be during the *8th Annual People Power & Conference* to hold in ABUJA.

If you love what we are doing, and will like us to do, I invite you to _Make a Gift to FLED._

Please visit here for details👇

Make a Gift to FLED


You could also help to get your organization to *Make a Gift to FLED*

*FLED* is acronym for Foundation for Leadership & Education Development, an NGO founded by Joseph Ibekwe in 1995. Our name speaks of our work.

I look forward to receiving your response.


Thank you God bless 🙏

Joseph Chinenyeze Ibekwe
_Vision Bearer_
Tel: 07080157176

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